Energy Efficiency Solutions

Products & Services to reduce your energy consumption, which reduces the size of the system you’d need.

Solar Energy Systems

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Duct Sealing

By sealing your duct work, you eliminate the number 1 energy waster in the house. (Seriously. It’s #1)  

High Efficiency Air Conditioning

Utilizing a 16 seer, 2 stage A/C is SO much more energy efficient that a lower seer rated, single stage A/C! It’s absolutely worth spending a little more for a MUCH better A/C. You’ll recoup the difference in savings in no time, then be way ahead of the game going forward.



Variable Speed Pool Pump

A variable speed pump for your pool will make your pool “cheap” to operate. …At least 50% less. 

“Smart” Programmable Thermostat

 These things are a bit “creepy”, they pay attention to you! Every time you adjust the temp, it makes note of what it was set at, what you changed it to, what time of day, day of the week, etc. you made the change. After a while, it starts to anticipate the changes you’re “about” to make & it makes it for you! All while learning to operate you HVAC systems in the most energy efficient manor to achieve & maintain your comfort & save you money!


Yep. You already know this.

Solar Attic Fan

By actively (vs. passively) evacuating heat from the attic space, we’re able to minimize the heat barrier inside the home. Doing this makes the A/C not have to work as hard to cool things down. Every time the A/C kick on, the cooled air rushing into the room up at the registers, is like a giant spoon stirring the pot, mixing all the hot air in. Minimizing that heat barrier, allows rooms to cool faster & the A/C to not have to work as hard.

Shade Screens

Exterior mounted screens are FAR more effective than internally mounted shutters or blinds. The reason being, is that they help prevent the heat from entering in the 1st place, when blinds & shutters only slow it down, as it’s already entered the home.

Solar Water Heater

Allowing the Sun to heat the water for free, minimizes your water heating expense. If you have a GAS water heater, do NOT consider this as an option. Gas is CHEAP.

LED & CFL Lighting

This is WAY more important than most folks realize. You can run 9 LED bulbs to us the same amount of energy as 1 comparable lumen output incandescent bulb! 9 to 1, for real!

Solar Air Conditioning

Us the HEAT of the Sun to COOL the inside of your home! Yeah…You read that right! This takes more explaining that I care to write out! LOL! Just ask & we’ll explain it to you. …It’s pretty cool! (No pun intended.)

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Your turn to make a move

Keep Paying The Utilities Companies Raising Prices For Life... Or GIve Us A Call

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